•--- Introduction ---•
If you've no idea what The Silent Cartographer: Evolved is, go check out what you've been missing HERE.

Before I start, I want to give huge thanks to the CMT's Evolved team. Without them, none of this would be possible and I wouldn't have spent two hours typing this. Another big thanks to them for their public release of the tags, and the work put into organization and documentation so this is a lot easier than it would've been.

Now, I've separated this into a few pastes, as it all wouldn't fit into one forum post. There might be some stray BBCode as a result.

If you want to see it all in one paste, HERE is a link to that.

Before you start reading, just know that I'm assuming you've read the script documentation provided by the Evolved team in their releases. If you haven't read it, and something doesn't work, it may be because you didn't do something specified in the documents.

This is a pretty complicated process, so I hope I didn't mess up too badly. These are meant to be followed in order, so don't blame me if nothing makes sense when you skip ahead.

Without further ado...

•--- Installing ---•

•--- Folder and File Creation ---•

•--- File Editing / Find-Replacing ---•

•--- Preprocessing ---•

•--- Level Globals ---•

•--- Sapien Prep ---•

•--- Vehicles ---•

•--- Shades and Phantoms ---•

•--- Armor Abilities (Modules?) ---•

•--- Health Blips ---•

•--- Map End ---•

•--- Symlinking ---•

•--- End ---•

That should do it, I believe. If I missed anything, PLEASE let me know. I have to congratulate the Evolved team one last time. I may have made this needlessly a bit complicated, so if there are parts you get stuck on or need help, or even a place where I could make it less confusing or simplified, just reply and I'll do my best.

Hopefully this has been at least somewhat useful to someone.

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